We’ve got the marketing

September 26, 2016
We take the lead and manage the bulk of all marketing so you don’t have to. We asked ourselves a very important and valuable question when designing the MC program for The Cypher Fitness. How is it realistic to expect an MC to be an expert at marketing their services and build a brand at the same time if they aren’t an expert at marketing? Well, it’s not realistic and that’s why The Cypher Fitness, backed with 20 years of professional marketing, brand, design, web, and strategic positioning experience is taking the lead by handling 80% of all total advertising efforts while preparing you to handle the remaining 20% should you feel you want to (not required) to self promote. Most companies will pat you on the back and say good luck. We aren’t most companies.

This is HipHop in dance fitness. I love it so much. Its fun, challenging, and full of everything positive. If you want a real challenge in dance fitness, this is where its at. 1 class killed the hell outta me lol. And its a great opportunity to learn how to dance.