Trainer focused

September 26, 2016
Cypher Fitness Co. is dedicated first to our trainers to give them the best support system to succeed in a highly competitive industry. The Cypher Dance Fitness program is a dance fitness program cut from its own cloth that pays respect and tribute to the foundations and fundamentals of hip hop, hip hop dance, breakin’ and the roots of true hip hop.

Our hip hop dance fitness classes focus on different elements comprised of hip hop, not pop hop music, understanding and learning the foundations of breakin’ along with instilling the mindset of overcoming obstacles. We aren’t for everyone and certainly not a basic beginner dance fitness program. We are trainer focused on the goal to ensure hip hop dance fitness is done right and we build future leaders to ensure the legacy of hip hop is represented with respect and passion. We were born within the culture and live it daily.


great program and staff! ⚡️

Mvtasp (MouseVader) – Owner of All Style Productions | Celebrity Choreographer