September 26, 2016
Be your truest most authentic self in a positive environment that has a zero tolerance for negative disrespect. We are here to build leaders and empower trainers to be next-level leaders in one of the most competitive industries.

When you step into The Cypher it’s to find your identity and embrace your own strengths. Other programs sell you on their own culture. Cypher Fitness comes together for the love of Hip Hop and the culture that already exists. We advocate each MC and enthusiast to find their own flow and be fearless.

The hip hop master class on Sun 1/26/20 was off the hook & music was dope. Old school was the name of the game mixed with some Latin & other Urban Beats. Rodney took us out of our comfort zone with his choreo challenging all fitness levels. Check out The Cypher…won’t disappoint.

Diana A.