What to expect in class

September 26, 2016
The leading hip hop dance fitness class that includes HIIT, plyometrics, strength training. The only full fitness hip hop dance program that includes foundational breaking designed for group fitness.

Cypher Dance Fitness is a game changer. Plain and simple. It’d be like an ordinary dance fitness class, if you took it up 4 notches and added challenging choreography and break dancing. It’s fun! It’s intense. It’s in a class of its own! What makes it special is that it celebrates and honors the roots of Hip Hop, all the while incorporating so many exciting musical flavors. We do house, and dance hall, and salsa, and Brazilian funk too! Oh, and did I mention the sweating!?! Ha! I burn at least 500 calories with every Cypher class I take. This is not for the faint of heart. But truthfully, that’s what makes it amazing. It’s a true challenge. The best things always require a bit of extra effort if you ask me!;).

MC JoShow